Album: Adversapolis

Release Date

Originally created for the 2010 RPM Challenge (, Adversapolis is a unique collection of songs written and recorded in a month. These are really "songs", too, as they all (save for one) have lyrics, unlike most everything I do. 

The words were largely written during a particularly self-reflective time in life, and it's hard to identify completely with the sentiments contained therein nowadays. Still, despite the hasty and crude recording of some of it, it's a time machine to a certain time in my life that I want to remember.

1 Pinto 4:57
2 Gone For Awhile 4:49
3 Dispassionate 4:48
4 Lazy in the Park 4:08
5 Return to Enter 3:34
6 Deleterious Effect 7:12
7 Infallible 4:31
8 Parasite 3:44
9 Sallow 5:04