Song: Tug of War

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12-bar blues with some spice.

boy if you're yanking my chain
i would appreciate another pull
no finer feeling so false
comes close to breaking my golden rule

don't fall in love
always be sure to leave hearts in the dust
leave the boy in the mud
this game was fun
thought for a minute there that it could last
but the chain come undone
and where you end and i begin
is as clear as the sun

boy if you're yanking my chain
whoever told you that this was cool?
you played a little too nice
i let my guard down
though i hike my skirt up my thigh
won't keep it clean
you like it dirty dirty dirty
and secretly
i do agree
and when the wind changed
i got a hard spray
a lesson i need

don't fall in love with feelings so fast
unstable footing, a face in the sand
boy you leave me for dust
and then you come back
and you help me up
held my hand
tell me something
was this all in your plan?
i think that you must know something i don't
if this isn't lust, is this love?
do i trust you to come back?
and all the heartache
you're passing my way
is something i need