Song: So Many Times

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More musings on human relations. Part of the Tomology.

I know you don’t need me as your friend

But you can hang here for a while

The story you left behind will end

But then there’ll always be more trials


You could be one, you’re on your way

You could be gone so far away

There’s never enough to make the grade

There’s only the hours in this day 


You might lose your mind this time

But you won’t find it, you won’t find it,

You are not designed to tow the line


So many times that I looked for the answer

So many times that I fell so low

So many times that I reached out to touch you

So many times that you let me go 


I knew you’d be wondering where I’ve been

But sometimes I just need my space

I heard that you’re coming back again

Maybe we can find that place


I can be bad when you’re so good

But I could be better if you understood

Sometimes it’s not what it seems to be

It just doesn’t mean that much to me