Song: Six More Weeks of Winter

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Acoustic number with a killer solo that might send chills down your spine.

frostbit lips you never kiss
oh, how is this that we're freezing indoors?
thought this was san diego
you fall asleep beside me
i could hold you close
but i need to learn the finer art of being cold
the finer art of letting go

are we defined by tv shows?
the morning news breaks the quiet of your room
but i would rather watch the soaps
are we defined by radios?
you like my taste in music
and that's about where we begin and end
the line that ties us both as friends

i'd never thought i'd see the snow
but i never thought i could burn so cold
for you without a reason why
another lazy afternoon
spent in sterile silence, next to you
your winter turns my world to white
what would it take to change your mind?