Song: Shade on My Sun

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The trials and tribulations of human relations.

I decide to trust again, 

build it up on stronger ground

We had come together, 

with you on your way down

You with so much beauty, 

I never had a chance 

But I found myself inside your world, 

Just following your dance


Now you’re always casting, 

your shade upon my sun

Make me doubt myself, 

you make me want to run

Always throwing 

your shade upon my sun


Sometimes it gets so hard 

I’m feeling like I’m done 

And I know I’m not the only one


It’s a subtle attack on me, 

shake me at my core

Find the little cracks, 

and you break me up some more

But you’ve got all that beauty, 

And throw it in my face

Make me feel so little, 

I’m feeling out of place


After all the rain, you start blocking out the pain

And it gets so hard to feel sometimes, don’t want nobody there inside

But then I saw your face 

and I thought I found a place

Where I could free my mind 

just one more time

Drown the past in a bottle of wine


I told you, I need you

You called me, your baby

I trusted, to touch you

But now you’re like maybe


You shade me, I can’t see

You make me, go crazy

You stick me, I’m bleeding

You hear me, I’m pleading

You call me, your baby

You call me, your maybe

You call me, You call me

You call me, You call me