Song: Scenes From My Window

Track Number
Release Date
128 bpm

Add Red Hot Chili Peppers-like guitar to a nice 6/8 rhythm and toss in an extended bridge to a crescendo and you have yourself a gumbo.



I can't recall what it was that drove me away,

Watching this life like a game that I don't have to play.

It's from this seat, that I read, and I watch, and I judge,

Locked in my fear, I'm a prisoner here, I won't budge


These are just scenes that I saw while I sat at my window.

I sat in my chair as I watched all the people go by,

Viewed from behind the glass, surveying slices of life,

These are the scenes that played out as I watched through my window.


I see the faces, familiar and strange, passing by

Some full of life and some others look ready to die

Kids playing games as the elderly wish they were young

I sit and watch and I listen as church bells are rung


I've seen families start, broken hearts,

Trees losing leaves, wives bereaved,

Tickets and pickets, and punks saying 'Stick it'

So many things while my life just stood still.


I’ve seen cars driving by and planes in the sky

People keep moving as I’m standing by

Laughter and crying and whispers and screams

They struggle each day as they all chase their dreams


They rise up in victory then fall to the floor

Winning the prize and then wanting for more

Running and crawling, they all make their way

But here I keep sitting as life slips away