Song: Road Trip

Track Number
Release Date
144 bpm

Octave riff to get you hyped followed by a reggae breakdown to chill you out.



Can you follow me down this road

I may not know where I'm going to go

But I've got all that I need with me

And hittin' the road is gonna set me free


As I look out across the fields

I hear the hum of my spinning wheels

All my troubles are left behind

The road is helping me clear my mind


So this is life

You just can't make the grade

And you're afraid you're going to fade away

You're not alone

So many others feel the same

And we all try to find our way, get through the maze


As the miles just pass away

I start to think about yesterday

The things I said that I can't take back

So now I'm taking a different tack


See the faces in all the cars

Hiding all of their secret scars

They’re all trying to get someplace     

But I’m just looking to get some space


Settle down as you drive on

Feel the road as you keep on

See the world through the window

See the places that you might go