Song: Return

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Celebrating recovery is important.

For years and years, I ran away

I didn’t want to face the pain

I finally came around to see

That I could find recovery 

and I stayed

Shared a positive vibe

I learned to thrive

I saved my life


I finally came around

Put my feet on solid ground

And my soul I found

My soul I found


I finally came to see

A better part of me

And my soul I found

My soul I found


The past still haunts me everyday

I knew there’d be a price to pay

Had to trust despite my doubt

Had to keep the poison out


Discovering what life is worth

And struggle to find my own rebirth

I learned to stand up to my fears

And slowly the days turned into years



I didn’t know, I couldn’t feel

I thought that it was so unreal

An empty shell, I pushed away

But black and white turned into gray

The road ahead is hard I know

Start over again, so I can grow

Grow up to see what I can be

I once was blind but now I see


Found my soul

My soul I found


I once was lost

But I have returned

Yes I have returned, I have returned, I have returned