Song: Pinto

Track Number
Release Date
82 bpm

No way to get around how 90s-era grunge this track is, Drop-D and all.



Walking down the road, it’s so easy to see

That you don’t need me

I am so lost that I can’t breathe

Trying to leave, but I don’t know where to go


And I’m going down

And I’m losing ground

And I’m outta sound

Now I’m going down


Things were really clear way back when

Seemed to know just where I was headin’

Well, guess what? The future is now

And I got no more than I had back then


I don’t know how I got here

And I don’t know how I’m gonna get out

There’s another way for me to feel relief

Gotta run on, gotta keep on, gotta keep myself together now


I don’t know but I have this fear

And it weighs me down, down, down

There’s another way to feel whole today

Gotta run on, gotta keep on, gotta let myself go now