Song: Notorious Details

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The nasty intricacies of how the world actually works.

You’ve got to find the light inside the dark 

when everything is turning upside down 

And the world is going crazy

Now you can hide behind your mask 

and you can say it’s alright 

But we all know that the truth is quite hazy


We learn to keep our distance

Our fight requires persistence

We come together while we all stay away


We march for lives that matter

While all the rich get fatter

But there is nothing left for you when it’s payday


I read the news but I didn’t believe it

And then we heard the cries of the grieving

Can’t get our shit together, feels like they’re lying

We pick a fight, don’t care what’s right as we’re dying


Now you can follow every post 

that stirs the anger up the most

Who gives a damn about the truth when you’re busy

You got to get behind your tribe

They know to conquer they divide

They will keep you spinning round ‘til you’re dizzy 


I see the writing on the wall, it’s alarming

Instead of healing all the wounds, they keep harming

The ones who lead us are addicted to power

They take it all and it’s our lives they devour


They’ll take you

They’ll rape you

They’ll burn you

They’ll hate you

We’ll face them

We’ll chase them

We’ll rise up

Defeat them


You’ve got to look inside your heart

Before this world tears us apart

‘Cause time is running out and we’re gonna lose it

We’ve got to rise above the greed and hate

This doesn’t have to be our fate

There is another way if we choose it

Choose it, choose it, choose it, choose it