Song: Mood

Track Number
Release Date
110 bpm

Moody (heh) song about moods.

It puts me in a mood that I’m out of

One I can’t shout of

For all of my life

And it puts me in a mood I’m not proud of

Let’s start the countdown

To the rest of my life


Outside in a haunted room

I think it’s a smile

Fourteen years of a loveless life

And it ends with her morning light


Spending hours alone on a quiet night

But I still feel we’re together when it gets light


I can’t drive fast enough to

Bring about the change that I want

Shallow is the game that we play

But what I need is miles away


A thousand stars will be my guide tonight

I hope I see you tomorrow by daylight


So rest your head on a pillow

Muffle the noise with your sleep

The hotel room, it was different

We could talk throught my teeth


And it puts me in a mood I’m out of

All of the feelings I’m empty of tonight

And it puts me in a mood that I doubt will

Cancel the doubt you’ll

Hang up tonight