Song: In My Room

Track Number
Release Date
108 bpm

Challenged by a friend to make a simple song with three chords, I just looked around at my current surroundings, and this is what came out.

There's a candle on my nightstand

And a place for my drink

Curtains drawn forever

So I can have some time to think


In my room there's a lot of things to see

In my room what a great ol' place to be

In my room there's a lot of pieces of me


Closets full of instruments

Strings of an order or sort

The savage beast that lives within

Well, he needs to be soothed somehow


When I get weary, there's a bed under me

When I get hungry, well, I guess I'll just have to leave

When I get angry, the night can wash over me

When I get lonely, I just stop and start again


The ground is brown and carpeted

Ceiling's made of white stucco

The walls are littered with keepsakes and lyrics and friends' photographs

And the comfortable hum of the AC takes care of the aftermath