Song: I Promise

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Do the right thing and keep your promises. Part of the Tomology.

I know I haven’t been the best at times

But it feels like life is so damn hard

You drag your ass up out of bed

And you pray that you got it in you 

One more time...

Another day… 

Put your nose to the grindstone

And you just can’t wait to get home


But I try...

To find some hope down deep inside

Yes I need to change my state of mind

‘Cause there’s got to be another way

And I promise I’ll find it someday...


I promise, I’ll find it, I promise…

I promise, I know it, I promise…

I promise, I’ll get there, I promise…


I see the lines getting deeper on my face

And it seems to get harder to keep the pace

The days are dragging but they’re flying away

And I don’t even know if it’s worth it

To play this game...

For another day...

Keep running on the treadmill

Keep grinding away


I remember being young

I believed that I could fly

Everybody told me

Keep on reaching for the sky

But life is like a heavy bag

You carry on your back

It weighs upon your soul

And then your dreams begin to crack

But I’ll find them...


I promise, I’ll do it, I promise…

I promise, You know it, I promise…

I promise, I’ve got this, I promise…