Song: Humanity

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Song about the ills of those who are forgotten in our society.

I had it all in the palm of my hand

But I built my house on a pile of sand

The rain came along and it washed me away

Left me alone under these skies so gray


Can't find a fix cause I'm broken

Can't take a breath cause I'm chokin'

Strangers pretend not to see me

I put out my cup but it's empty


The loneliness eats at my soul everyday

I’m lost on this earth and I’m fading away

All that I ask is for some dignity

All that I need is for someone to see

My humanity…


Moving along like a ghost on the street

I’m feeling so cold then I’m feeling the heat

My only possessions are packed in this cart

Praying for luck as I tear trash apart


Can't catch a break when I’m hungry

Can’t find a place to rest easy

This world is so cruel when you’re nobody 

They don’t give a damn, got no money