Song: Euphoria

Track Number
Release Date
120 bpm

Original version of "Euphoria", done for a daily challenge.

I get to feel like I'm not falling off the world today

I get to feel like I can start to cry happily

The darkening sky just got a lot less dark

Cuz you went and made a passionate remark


Possibly you may have opened a floodgate

That I hadn't noticed before now

October only comes once a year

Now I'm gonna remember it forever




I get to have a need for wanting you today

I get to know what it means to leave and still yet stay

Doing nothing but thinking 'bout the situation at hand

Despite all the anxiety in me still I make a stand


Definitely piqued my interest

Can't get over my self-conscience

Running away until I bleed

Last drops of life that I concede

Just when I thought the only way

To get myself in control today

Looking out over the horizon view

Just a little short from being askew

Won't throw away rocks no more

I don't want to miss what is in store