Album: Nanules

Nebyoolae - Nanules
Release Date

Once upon a time, many years ago, I used Nanostudio (, a great cross-platform sequencer with synths and samplers. And when I say I used it, I mean I used it A LOT. This app got me through some dark times when a full-blown DAW was not available. Nanules is a collection of tracks that got made during those times.

Also, I used Nanostudio to make 99% of the soundtrack for an unreleased game called Vox Venio. The soundtrack is here: nebyoolae.bandcamp/album/vox-venio-ost.

1 Tom Rectangle (Title) 0:43
2 1:42 AM 1:04
3 Nanopepper 2:05
4 Mr. Sandblaster 1:07
5 Tom Rectangle (BGM 1) 0:28
6 Safety Hatch 2:11
7 Mekkitosis 1:18
8 The Entire Jar of Sauce 1:49
9 Flowercake 1:41
10 Candy Loop 1:05
11 The Masterest of Pieces of All 0:54
12 Blotto Man (w/ al-x) 3:40