Album: Lullabies

Release Date

Collection of quiet, solo instrumental acoustic guitar pieces to lull your baby to Dream Land. 

All tracks are generally first takes, with minor editing, so they represent the honest extent of the can-do spirit that one can muster when one is the newfound father of an infant.

Robyn, for her love; Fliss, for inspiration; Grandparents, for the opportunities.

1 Lullaby in E 2:21
2 Lullaby in F 2:55
3 Lullaby in G 2:17
4 Lullaby in D 2:56
5 Lullaby in B 1:56
6 Lullaby in A 2:40
7 Lullaby in C 1:25
8 Lullaby in Db 3:57
9 Lullaby in Eb 2:49
10 Lullaby in Gb 2:08